Ricochet is a simple, addictive game that combines Bubble Shooter + Pool + Breakout.

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Casual Gameplay

Ricochet was designed to be picked up and played in seconds.

2 Game Modes

Choose from physics puzzles in Puzzle Mode or fast action in Speed Mode.

Create Your Own Levels

A fully-featured level editor is included free! Impress your friends with your creations!

How do I play?

The goal of Ricochet is to clear the screen of all the lines and nodes by shooting the red cue ball. Nodes pop when the lines they are attached to disappear. Watch a video of the game in action!

Who made it?

We are are small indie development team (there's two of us!) based in Canada with a passion for games. Ricochet was inspired by the hit Flash game Taberinos and created with permission of the original author, Tonypa.

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New & Improved!

We listened to fan feedback and added a new Survival Mode and improved graphics.

New content

We keep things fresh with new campaigns released frequently.

Customize it!

You can easily change the theme, or even use your own photo as the game wallpaper!

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Requires iOS 5 or greater. Enhanced for iPhone 5!free on the app store

We want your feedback to make Ricochet even better! Send us any questions, comments or suggestions.